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"While doing yoga we are more ourselves, and more than ourselves" – Valerie Jeremijenko


What is Yoga for IS Yoga long and short term practitioners:

"Yoga's transformational qualities are hard to describe. In short, yoga has offered me a fit and sculpted body that I never thought I would have, helped me overcome certain hard-to-deal-with health issues, made me a much better person, taught me to truly love and forgive, and brought me closer to the light.."     (10 years)

"Yoga to me is something beyond a great way of physical exercise. It is the best means of combating the stress of a demanding way of life. In times, when I necessarily miss a few consecutive classes my body and mind soon start to ask for it: I have to have it! I just cannot imagine my life without Yoga"    
(9 years)

"Yoga is breathing, looking within, listening to my body, feeling it, feeling alive and keeping fit"    
(8 years)

"Yoga has made me more aware of my mind, body and soul. It has brought peace and balance into my life. It improved my physical and mental condition. It is more than just exercise and stretching; it is a lifestyle, an endless journey inward and outward. I have felt an awakening and have realized that practicing Yoga is the biggest gift I gave myself"     (7 years)

"Yoga's techniques help me develop inner and outer peace, harmony, health, happiness. Yoga brings meaning to my life, colour, and essence – expansion. With Yoga I find Myself!"     (6 years)

"Yoga is Living"    (5 years)

"Yoga: where realists call life and romantics call daily routine ends…and the beginning of a dialogue with our inner self, which takes us from action (exercise) to philosophy (the ideal) and back to action (for the self and the 'Other')!"    (4 years)

"Yoga is not a religion, nor a science, nor a philosophy, nor a cult. To dare describe it as a sport or just any form of exercise is a pure insult (even though I have to admit it started out for me this way). Yoga is a journey of the self to the self. A journey whose goal is not to conquer the world, but our own ego. Our body is the vessel, our mind the engine and the destination our soul. So to all of us who travel along that path I wish an enjoyable journey as every breath counts."    (3 years)

"To me, yoga is the connection with health, by all means. It taught me respect towards my body and my spirit; discipline, relief, openness, love. Yoga taught me not to forget to Breathe..."    (2 years)

"After one year of systematic practice of yoga I may say that yoga is not just an amazing and complete physical exercise (it sculpted my body and helped me lose weight that no other type of exercise did for me before in one year), but it is also a strong eye and heart opener.."    (1 years)

"Yoga is, to me, one of those rare keys that open the little door towards that, which is hiding inside of me!."      (4 months)

" As someone who has been an MD for over twenty years, I can tell you that yoga is quite simply the most powerful system of overall health and well-being I have ever seen" – Timothy McCall, M.D.



     Yoga's special sequences of physical exercises (asanas) work on the physical level, as well as on the energy, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. They promote the free, unobstructed, and harmonic flow of vital energy in the subtle levels which is vital in the path to recovery and maintenance of health and general well-being.

The breathing exercises (pranayama), the relaxation and withdrawal-of-the-senses techniques (pratyahara) work even deeper on the mental and emotional levels and further prepare the mind for the higher level techniques of concentration practice (dharana) and meditation (dhyana).


At the Physical and Energy levels, Yoga:

  • sculpts the body by toning and stretching all muscles, making it lean and supple.
  • dissolves excess fat deposits and brings the body to its ideal healthy weight (especially certain types of yoga)
  • substantially improves and regulates metabolism
  • increases joint flexibility and range of motion
  • promotes correct spinal alignment and improves posture
  • with certain types of yoga, all fitness components (cardiorespiratory condition - stamina, muscular strength and endurance, joint and muscle flexibility, balance and metabolism) are improved collectively and linearly
  • improves the quantity and quality of vital energy
  • regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • lowers the 'bad' cholesterol, and increases the 'good' cholesterol
  • improves immune function and increases tolerance to sickness and disease
  • removes waste products, toxins and buildup of stress off the tissues in the body
  • is an antidote to sickness, deterioration, aging
  •     Yoga is Therapy, when done properly. It acts on all organ systems in the body, improving circulatory, respiratory, musculoskeletal, digestive, endocrine, and nervous system function.
        Numerous scientific studies have shown that yoga can improve or cure conditions such as, spinal problems, heart disease, neurological and neuromuscular diseases, arthritis and rheumatic disorders, asthma or bronchitis, menopausal disorders, cancer, and other physical, as well as psychological ones.

At the Mental, Emotional, Psychological Levels:

  • eliminates emotional & mental tension & stress
  • promotes relaxation, tranquility & gratitude
  • brings clarity, concentration & self-awareness
  • boosts mood; stimulates certain brain chemicals that leave one feeling happier and more relaxed
  • prevents, helps and even cures stress-related and chronic psychological conditions (e.g., anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addictions, insomnia)
And beyond..:
  • Yoga is more than a way of exercise for the physical, mental, spiritual levels of being. It is a means of releasing & developing the potentials of the body, the mind, the spirit. It is a means of opening up and evolving.

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