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     IS Yoga offers classes that range from physically light-moderate to vigorous, challenging regimes. Some classes consist of flowing asana sequences, while others consist of more static asana sequences with longer holdings. Most classes include ever-changing Asana sequences, Pranayama (breathing exercises), and Pratyahara techniques (withdrawal of the senses – deep relaxation). Some classes may include Dharana (concentration techniques), which prepare one for Dhyana (meditation), Kirtan (sanskrit chanting), and Yogic Philosophical teachings.

     Group classes are 75 – 105 minutes; some exclusively for beginners, others exclusively for intermediate and advanced-intermediate students, and others are open to all levels. Enrollment is on a first-come-first-serve basis with max capacities depending on the type and level of the class. Private, semi-private or small group classes are offered for advanced students.



Private, Semi-Private & Small-Group Sessions

    Private, semi-private and small-group sessions are suitable for everyone regardless of age, health, fitness condition or experience. They are tailored specifically for each client according to their medical history/status, fitness background, and lifestyle habits. They focus on the clients' individual needs and limitations and address thoroughly any health issues. Sessions length can be of 45, 60, 75, or 90 minutes depending on one's goals, preferences, health condition and fitness level.

    Private sessions are one-on-one sessions with the client and the instructor. They allow for the most customized and focused program for the individual. They are highly recommended for persons with special health conditions or injuries before they join a group class. They are particularly beneficial for specific spinal and musculoskeletal issues, for new or chronic injuries or health conditions (cardiac, respiratory, autoimmune), for anyone who is in some form of rehabilitation and has no experience with yoga. They can also help certain post surgical patients move toward full recovery - for example, following knee or back surgery, cardiac interventions, caesarian births. One-on-one sessions optimize the therapeutic benefits, speed up the road to recovery, help prevent future problems, and prepare the individual properly for a customized home practice program as part of their therapy and rehabilitation, or for joining the groups.

    People who are completely new to yoga and haven't joined the beginners group from the start, or pregnant women who don't have any yoga experience and have not attended the prenatal courses from the beginning, are also advised to consider private and semi-private sessions. They entail a thorough guidance in the fundamentals of the practice to properly prepare the person to join the groups.

     Semi-private sessions include one client and their friend or someone we pair them up with, when health conditions or goal specificity are similar.

    Small-Group sessions include 3 to 4 people. These sessions are ad-hoc, in agreement with the clients.