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"I have been to numerous yoga studios, yoga retreats, and ashrams worldwide in the past twenty years that I practice yoga. What I can say about Christina is that she is a true gem in the world of yoga.
She is one of those special teachers you can rarely find "
- Darren G., U.K.


    Meeting Christina has been a life changing experience. She has helped me in all aspects of my being:
Body, Mind and Soul.

I first went to see Christina regarding my knee problem and she quickly helped me get over my skepticism regarding this matter. Just a few weeks following her knee therapy program with exercise prescription I could climb up and down stairs with great ease and without any discomfort even though I had been warned by other specialists to avoid stairs for the rest of my life. I’ve also seen amazing results from her weight loss program.

Doing Yoga with Christina has been my life-support system! Words aren’t enough to describe the benefits gained from her classes; they must be experienced and felt. She’s more than just a yoga instructor; she’s a healer and a friend. I honestly believe that I am now an all around better person because of Christina.

Thank you Christina!
- Roula Chr.

        "I joined Christina’s classes at the age of 60 suffering from low back problems, arthritis,
thyroid issues and lots of stress.
Now, after 3 years with Christina, I have no backaches, all of my joints and muscles are flexible and strong, the tests showed that my thyroid function has improved, and I am more energetic and
optimistic than ever before.
Christina is a real professional, dedicated to yoga and her students, a careful trainer, a true friend, and a source of inspiration."
- Aliki K., Cyprus

Christina is an outstanding yoga teacher, an excellent psychologist-hypnotherapist, and above all, a great human Being.
She is a true, dedicated professional, with the qualities of compassion, love, respect, humbleness, and always acts with great diligence in whatever she does in her work.
She has the capacity and the charisma of understanding and respecting each person’s capabilities and limitations and a very special way of communicating accordingly. She sees beyond what the eyes see..
She has been an important part in my path of spiritual request.
I met her through yoga, which taught me to breathe, respect my body, and realize that through relaxation and peace I come closer to what I truly need.
Then I saw her through hypnotherapy, with which through great expertise and deep understanding helped me overcome one of the most difficult times in my life.
Christina is a hope for this world. She is a part of the light that we all need to feel.

THANK you Christina – though I feel that the word cannot describe my gratitude to you.
- P., Cyprus

    About five years ago, after suffering from low back pain, I was advised by my doctor to try yoga, which I had never tried before. I was fortunate to find classes with Christina. Since then, I had been her regular student for five years.
     Christina has a very patient and supportive teaching style with attention to details and therapeutic approach. She helps her students build high levels of concentration, awareness of their bodies and breathing. I have great faith in her knowledge of yoga and her ability to effectively teach yoga in a safe, comfortable, and gentle way, perfectly combining effort with ease. I have been a witness to the progress and transformation of many of her students as well as my own; taking into consideration all aspects of our life, not just the physical part.
     Compared to other yoga classes I have been to, Christina is always completely prepared for each session, her classes run smoothly with focus and discipline, her pranayama instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Her de-stress programs and relaxation techniques are especially good. Christina is a kind and compassionate person.
     Since I moved to New Zealand I have tried several yoga studios and teachers. I must say that she had set very high yoga teaching standards and expectations which not many yoga teachers can be up to..
     I would highly recommend Christina as an inspiring teacher for anyone who wishes to make yoga a part of their life as well as for experienced students.

Namaste.- Natasha Kr., Ukraine


    first of all I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have given to me through your yoga classes and for changing my life in a soul-stirring way.

    I will begin by saying that yoga with you helped me tremendously in dealing with the spinal problems I suffered with. Following two spinal surgeries, the doctors said I should only walk and limit myself to certain exercises from then onwards, a fact that caused me fears and anxieties. And this did not help much, since pains continued – being unbearable at times, with the doctors just prescribing more medication and suggesting another potential surgery.

     Now with yoga, I execute certain exercises that were too intimidating for me when I started and I practice in a way that I never thought I would after those spinal operations. These exercises helped vanish the pains in a great extend, and if there are any occasionally, I deal with them with relieving yoga exercises effectively, patiently, and most importantly without any medications.

     On another level, your sessions affected my life positively on the psychological and spiritual aspects (and draw me further into the study and understanding of Yoga Philosophy). During the sessions, in a magical way, everything that might occupy and burden my mind disappears. After this time with yoga, I stopped thinking in complicated ways and began appreciating the simplicity of all things. I eliminated a great deal of stress and ‘panic’ that I used to feel in the past when confronted with problems. I learned to cope with whatever comes, with patience and presence of mind, maintaining my inner balance as much as possible.

     The biggest change in my life though, was the fact that I became a vegetarian! It might sound simple, but it’s not! Through this change, I learned to love and appreciate more everything around me, the animals, and as an extension, myself! I became more responsive and grateful, and I live my life more consciously, aiming to be as ‘harmless’ as possible..

Thank you.
Namaste, - Galatia G.

"Christina is a highly knowledgeable and experienced professional and this is reflected in her yoga teaching. Her classes are unique; she integrates her knowledge of physiology and psychology with the ancient wise teachings of yoga in such a way that can be felt and experienced by her students. She is an intuitive, creative, low-profile, and humble yoga teacher. She is one of those very special teachers. "
- Lucas E., Sweden

"Christina is a skilled, enthusiastic, nurturing, and encouraging teacher, as well as a kind person. It is obvious that she genuinely and deeply cares about her students, not just in their performance and advancement in class but on a personal level. Her classes are efficient and thorough, but are still friendly and calm. I have learned a lot from Christina, not just about yoga but about myself through her classes.

I recently moved countries and was forced to find new yoga classes, but have yet to find another teacher or class as good as hers. I have attended Christina’s yoga classes for the last five years, and I feel very thankful and lucky that I was able to find a teacher like her " - Fay R., U.K.

"Due to the nature of my work, I travel a lot and I join yoga classes in different countries abroad. Each time I come to Cyprus, joining Christina’s classes are one of the things I look forward doing. Although some of her classes are physically very intense (the perfect way to exercise and lose calories and weight!), she balances that with wonderful mind clearing and relaxing techniques. After her class I always leave with an amazing sense of peace and joy that seem to add up each time.
To me, Christina is the best yoga teacher "
- Irina K., Russia

"I have been in and out of gym classes practically my whole life. When I started Yoga two years ago, I first thought that it would be just another form of exercise. I was wrong, as it soon turned out to be a life altering experience that I truly cherish.

It has been said that 'good teachers demonstrate, however great teachers inspire', so thank you Christina for inspiring me to do, not more, but better. To actually want to become better. "
- Christina C.

" Namaste,

Christina is like the Full Moon. Full of light, with her power centered in the absolute sphrere. The abundant light in the darkness of night. I met her three years ago, when I decided – after a lot of thought - to take up yoga classes.
I met a delicate, calm person with peacefulness spread in her face and a sharpness in her eyes that couldn’t hide.
In the three years that I have been attending her classes, I admit that I never want to miss any of them. It has become an integral part of my life. I know that at the end of a hard day, when I go to the yoga studio where there will be peace and quiet, Christina’s guidance will successfully clear my mind.
It is as if this woman was born for this purpose. Her voice has the right resonance to lead, her body the strength and flexibility to convince us how expedient and therapeutic the yogic exercises are, and the insight of her spirit following us in every move.
When you think she is not seeing you, there she comes and corrects you. She knows exactly how the body should react in each exercise and she obviates things that need to be corrected. To me, it is unbelievable how I have managed so many difficult exercises without injuring myself at all!
Christina is an amazing yoga teacher, who truly believes in what she does, hence teaching it so well.
Personally, I feel lucky for finding her. "
- Marianna Fl.


I am truly blessed to have Christina in my life and I am eternally grateful to my friend who introduced me to her. She is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. From the first lesson with her I felt connected to another world. As soon as you enter her class, the ambience is overwhelming; it immediately changes your mood and prepares you for the lesson.

Her instruction is clear and consistent, she is incredibly kind and always positive, I always feel challenged in new poses and she pushes me to do my best always in a safe way. I leave her lessons with an open heart and overflowing joy.
She has inspired my yoga practice, which will definitely remain an important part of my life.

I love Christina!!
- Elena V.

"Christina helped me heal my back from long-term pains. She also supported me to overcome difficult moments in my life. I thank her with all my heart for all the help she offered me. I am grateful for having her in my life! "
- Christina P., Cyprus

"She is a remarkable teacher. She pays attention to every single detail and cares for everybody. She is persistent and patient. I’ve been doing yoga for two years with her and the change in my body is amazing. My spine is healthier and I am much stronger both physically and mentally.
I will keep going to her yoga classes as long as I can. "
- Rita V., Cyprus

On Pregnancy

"I joined Christina’s Prenatal yoga classes throughout my three pregnancies.
These classes are the perfect guide for labour, as well as a great means of keeping strong, energetic, calm and with a true sense of well-being "
- Kristen M., U.K.

"After I spent the first four months of my pregnancy undergoing several pregnancy problems – additional to the spinal problems I’ve had for years, I began attending Christina’s Prenatal Exercise & Yoga classes up until labor.
My back and neck pains were gone even before I gave birth, the way I coped with stress changed remarkably, and I had an easy and wonderful labor!"
- Irini V.

"The prenatal classes at Innerscience provided me with valuable tools for labor: the breathing techniques helped me cope with the contractions and brought my energy up in between the contractions, and the physical exercises taught me how to control the necessary muscles involved. As a result, I had an easy and pretty painless labor. The post-natal exercise program assisted me in going back to my pre-pregnancy body weight and physical condition easily"
- Natalia T., Russia

" Christina is a real professional with great expertise in dealing with pregnancy issues. The classes are very de-stressing and the exercises are adapted to each person’s medical and fitness condition. Your body becomes well toned (!), stretched, and revived, while your mind becomes clear and relaxed. I still attend Christina’s yoga classes until the present day (4 years later)"
-Elena P., Cyprus